In the territory of the Nervii there are two facies next to each other : the Nervian and the one of the Scheldt. The ceramics furniture of Pommeroeul is closely related with the Nervian facie of which Bavay (capital of the Nervii) is the focal point. 

There are different types of clay masses such as terra sigillata (stamped pottery), terra rubra or nigra, golden ceramics, painted or marbled ceramics and glazed ceramics, dark fine ceramics. 

The Gallo-Romans who live in Pommeroeul use a lot of ceramic objets. There are three main categories : table service, storage ustensils and cookware, and items related to whorkship. 

The objects collected in this room ware all used in the 2nd century AD. They usually come from regional workshops within 100 km around Pommeroeul. These workshops are mainly located in the south of the Civitas Nerviorum (the territory of the Nervii), where clay sources are more common (Blicquy, Howardries, Famars, Bavay, Sirault,…). Some vases were imported from more distant workshops (e.g. South Gaul or Cologne). 

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