Learn about the daily life of the Gallo-Romans, their crafts and the incredible Pommerœul boats with a team of specialist, experienced guides!

The Espace Gallo-Romain offers an “à la carte” programme for adult groups. Discover the collections and key exhibits (two boats from the 1st and 2nd centuries AD), learn about the daily life of the Gallo-Romans, and experience the customs and unique aspects of the earliest days of this region. After your visit, why not book onto one of our workshops where you can learn traditional techniques, create things, or sample or prepare food… just like our ancestors did!
And as a bonus… There’s a themed exhibition every year!


  • Minimum group size: 15 people (package available for groups of between 5 and 14 people)
  • Price: €7–14 per person
  • Duration: ½ day
  • accueil.egr@ath.be or +32 (0)68 68 13 20
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