Temporary exhibition – From the Roman garden to waste management

Garden, aromatic plants, dyes, food or aesthetics ….

Waste, recovery, reuse, …

Two topical themes that were already in antiquity and among the Gallo-Romans!

The exhibition will take you to a Roman garden where plants are varied. How are they used? Can we eat them, turn them into perfume, tincture, medicine?

Waste sorting, you know. You do it at home every day and the Gallo-Romans had their own waste management. The exhibition invites you to compare our habits with ancient gestures. An interesting parallel to discover!

From 19 March to 29 November 2024, the exhibition «From the Roman Garden to Waste Management» will take you back to Gallo-Roman antiquity.


Publication related to the exhibition: “The Roman Garden”

(Coll Les Carnets de l’Espace gallo-romain, n°4)

Available at the museum shop
40 pages, A5, colors

There are different modules of visits of the exhibition with or without workshop possible from 8 years to 18 years.

For more information: accueil.egr@ath.be

Agenda for upcoming activities:

June 2: guided tour of the exhibition at 2.30 pm, free admission and visit to 3 € / pers.
June 5: training / conference: waste sorting 6 €


Would you like to put together a group and take a tour and / or participate in a workshop around the exhibition?

Contact us for more information.

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